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What's a Nutraceutical?

Not quite sure what a nutraceutical is? The term was coined in 1990 and is commonly accepted to mean:

A non-prescriptive product generally sold in forms (such as dietary supplements) that support health.

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Sea Cucumber Nutraceuticals & Supplements

Simply put, we're all about all natural health products derived from the sea . . . especially sea cucumbers (Cucumaria frondosa). Coastside has been excited about the health benefits of natural health products, nutraceuticals and sea cucumbers for over twenty years. During that time we have discovered, developed, patented, manufactured and marketed several new sea cucumber-based nutraceuticals and all natural health products for people and their pets that have stood the test of time with our loyal following.

Sea cucumbers are rich in the proteins, polysaccharides, Omega-3 fatty acids and marine trace minerals that provide the essential building blocks (and rebuilding blocks) that people and animals need to live long, healthy, active lives.