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Testimonials for Dog Products

Black lab rocky bear"At a young age, Rocky Bear, golden retriever/black lab mix, was diagnosed with chronic hip dysplasia in both hips and both knees were blown. After surgeries and years of trying various joint support remedies such as large doses of Glucosamine and MSM as well as pain meds, Rocky began having non-stop trembling in his hind end. I realized I had to be a responsible pet owner and do the humane thing.

I called my Vet and she shared they had just started using a new product, Sea Jerky, on some of their patients with older dogs with chronic arthritis and hip dysplasia--as well as the vet's wife was using the human form on herself for her knees. I agreed to try it and started Rocky on half dose of Sea Jerky to make sure he wasn't allergic per my vet's instructions. By the third week, the trembling in the rear had completely stopped (no prescription pain meds) and he was putting both legs down on the ground together. I praised God for not letting me put Rocky down. By the sixth week he was lifting his leg to pee, I jumped up and down and called the vet right away like an excited little kid telling everyone "Rocky is lifting his leg while he is peeingĀ"!

By the end of the ninety days he was running, going up and down stairs --he was alive and happy!!! Now Rocky has been on a full daily dose for a while and even with his age and extra weight (100+lbs), he is not only going up and down stairs with ease, he plays fetch and jumps up and down like an over-sized pup. He's getting gray hairs and has a way better quality of life than he has ever had since he has been taking full dose of Sea Jerky and I will give it to him for the rest of his life without question.

I will forever be grateful to Coastside Bio for creating this product and making it available to Rocky and all other human and animal sufferers of chronic joint issues and pain."

Thank you,
Lucinda S from MN


"A Sales Rep approached me at Ames Supply in Wiscasset as I was buying dog food. After a discussion, exchanging stories, etc. I decided to try a bag of your Sea Jerky for our 9 1/2 yr old Mastiff mix who's hips/back legs are not working well. I will admit I was a bit skeptical but he is our baby and it was worth a try. WOW, I am singing the praises of your jerky EVERYWHERE! For the first time in a while our 150lb guy is running without wobbly legs, playing with our other dogs - he is like a puppy again and his mental state is SO HAPPY! The other night he even climbed the stairs to sleep in our bedroom which he hasn't done in a few years. I have since restocked and bought a large container of your jerky to keep him going. THANK YOU!"


"Our 7 year old Boxer was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease. After 2 months on Duramax, an anti-inflammatory medication, he still struggled to get around. I, personally, have been taking the ArthriSea for my arthritis and have had tremendous results, so I decided to try the Sea Jerky for our Boxer. WOW! Not only does he LOVE the jerky, he doesn't even walk with a limp anymore. I would highly recommend all of your products, human and animal! Thank you!!"
L. Shafer,


"Re: Sea Jerky
I have really seen an overall improvement in my dog, by the way she acts I can tell she really feels so much better. She is a 10 year old English Springer Spaniel with hip displasia in both hips. And she has some skin allergies it is helping with. Great product!  Thank you."
Asheville, NC

"Sea Jerky is awesome! My 8 year old Akita was starting to show signs of aging because she would limp after laying on the floor, but after a few months of eating Sea Jerky, she doesn’t limp anymore! She’s her usual spunky self!"
San Jose, CA

"We just finished our first bag. This supplement worked so quickly for our dog who has suffered from Lyme Disease twice. Thanks!"
Sterling, CT

"I recently had your product recommended to me. My 14 year old Norweigian Elkhound had severe hip dysplasia and has been on glucosamine for 8 years. Your product not only made her more comfortable but even spunky. She can now take on the 5 month old retriever she lives with. Thank you so much for your wonderful product. "
Cedar Grove, NJ

"I have just got to write you to tell you about my westies experience with Sea Bones. Abby had injured her leg after jumping from our couch when playing with my mom’s dog and was unable to walk on her rear foot. I refused to use the Rimadyl that her dr. wanted her to take. I instead did some research and found Coastside Bio Resources and the Sea Bones, which I ordered and used. She became a new dog and was now able to climb steps and jump and was even playful when she hadn’t been before. This has been about 4 years ago and she is on this supplement every day. She is 10 years old now and we still marvel at what a change the Sea Bones have made in her."
Trinity, NC

"I adopted Sara at 10 weeks of age. After two weeks I noticed a “hitch” in her gait and took her into our Vet who didn’t think anything was wrong. But I insisted on X-rays and she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. In my research I came across your product and started her on one stick every morning. She is now 11 years old and hasn’t missed one single day of getting her Sea Jerky.  Dr. Hanks, our vet, calls her the poster child for hip dysplasia. He truly can’t believe how remarkable she has done for her size and severity of the dysplasia. He made the diagnosis 11 years ago and never expected her life to have the quality is has had and continues to have. Thank you for a wonderful, life saving product."
Glenburn, ME

"My dog Maya has been using Sea Jerky for two years now. I have seen a noticeable improvement in her agility and ability to run and play with the other dogs. She has had knee surgery on both hind legs, as well as disc surgery for degenerative disc disease. I firmly believe your product has greatly improved the quality of my dog’s life. Thank you."
Mayville, NY

"WOW !!! The Sea Jerky is the best. Our 4 year old Rott/bull mastiff broke his growth plate at 6 months after trying to round up our bison. We saved his hip but he has always favored it. I went to our vet for a chiropractic appointment for his hip. The vet told me to put him on Sea Jerky. Now he is a new dog. No stiffness and he acts like a 4 year old now not an old man.
Thank you so much. "
A. Hammon,


Testimonials for Cat Products

We have an overweight 12 year old cat, Benjamin who injured a hind leg. He could barely go up and down stairs, he couldn't crouch to eat from his food bowl, or even sit up properly. The vet told us he had a torn ACL, and arthritis. The vet sold us something for his joints which we gave to him with minimal results. Then we found SeaFlex! I had been giving Benjamin the SeaFlex for just two weeks when my husband looked at him one day and exclaimed "It's like he's healed!!"

Your product has changed the quality of Benjamin's life. I give him 7 morsels a day and he has been restored to his former feline glory. Thank you!
North Carolina


"Ki-Ki  is an elderly female spayed (indoor only) Siamese cat.  Ki-Ki started taking SeaFlex two months ago and much to the delight of her owner, Ki-Ki has been more mobile and happier then she’s been in a couple of years. "
Dr. Sheridan, DVM
Winthrop, ME


"I received your samples of SeaFlex for cats. The staff wanted to try it on our 18 year old hospital cat. After  about one month he became more active and also gained some weight. His coat became thicker and softer. I now send home SeaFlex with my clients and they are getting a positive response with it."
Dr.  Sandin
Los Angeles, CA

"I was given SeaFlex by a friend who said it worked “wonders” for her cats. After giving it to our resident 15 year old feline (Mr.  Ike is not just a pet, he is a member of our household) since last August,  he acts like a cat half his age. Mr. Ike is not a birder. However, his chipmunk kill rate skyrocketed after 30 days on SeaFlex. He went from two a week to one a day!"
Portland, ME

"I am writing you about our 17 year old cat Larry. You had given us a sample of SeaFlex when we came to tour your operation on a recent visit to Stonington. Larry, though healthy, was an old cat. He was prone to sleeping most all the time and he had a slow and graceful walk, He also was a skinny cat. We gave him a daily dose of SeaFlex just  to see if it might make any difference. Now 6 weeks after we began his treatment it seems like we have a new cat. He is full of energy and likes to assert himself with our other cats. He has gained weight and seems to act much younger. We are amazed with the results and we didn’t even realize that there was anything wrong with Larry. Thanks for putting a spring in his step. You have a great product."
Ned Lightner
Belfast, ME

"I wish to compliment you on your wonderful Sea Cucumber Supplement for cats. My two cats, ages ten and twenty love it! In addition to it being good for them (I checked with their veterinarian and he approves) I have never seen them so enthusiastic about any treat. As soon as the package of SeaFlex comes out, they follow me around the house and meow until I give them their five morsels each. Thank you again for providing a healthful product that even finicky felines find fabulous!"
Blue Hill, ME

"My 15 year old cat loves your SeaFlex. She has NEVER eaten any “cat snack” type food, but magically appears whenever she hears me open the package. I think she knows how good it is for her. Thank you for making this formula. She’s less jerky in her movements and her coat looks shinier too."
Asherville, NC

"My 8 year old make cat Mickey really loves your product. Andy my friends 12 year-old male cat Yoda does too! I’m very happy that you have a website where I can still order it. The guys thank you and so do I."
Portland, ME


Testimonials for Horse Products

"I have a mare that has had severe pronounced lameness in the right shoulder since 1992 as well as arthritis in the rear legs. When we got her in 201, we put her on monthly Adequan injections as well as Absorbine Flex-Plus, which gave her some relief. But, even that seemed to be failing her this year. When Horse Journal gave EquuSea such a sterling rating, I decided to give it a try, but didn’t expect much , due to the extent of her problems. After only five days on EquuSea, not only does she NOT show lameness from the shoulder, she doesn’t sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies when she walks. I’m amazed – and ordering human products for my husband and me, and also telling my veterinarian. Thank you."
Hammond, LA

"My old jump jennet Mel has awful conformation and had developed quite the hitch in her giddy up over the last few years. I have had her on several joint supplement products, all very expensive, none seeming to give her much help. Last year in our own Brayer Newsletter there was an article on a new more natural equine joint supplement EquuSea. I tried some of it for Mel and I do believe she has had the most comfortable winter in 5 years. I could see an improvement in her way of going after just a few weeks! But even more important she likes it! No product does you much good if you can’t get your donkey to eat it. EquuSea has my vote."
Gate Farms, MT

"I want to take a moment to thank you for the sample of EquuSea. Pepper (my horse) had an accident during the night and we are not sure how it happened. However, when we discovered her the next morning she was unable to walk. I had 3 different vets look at her and advise me what to to help. Two of the vets told me to put her down she would never be able to walk again. One vet tried to treat her with acupuncture and nerve stimulation which didn’t seem to help. Finally, a friend told me about the EquuSea. Well, I tried it and Pepper started to improve after about 2 weeks. Now it is one year after she hurt herself. Pepper is now UP AND RUNNING with the other horses. My vets can’t believe it. I want to thank you with all my heart for helping bring my Pepper back to a good quality of life."
Pepper’s Owner
Parish , FL

"The EquuSea has really helped my 31 year old horse; I have experimented with and without; believe me, I would much rather not be without! Like a mother, it is hard to see Saber struggle to get on his feet in the morning – but with EquuSea he does not need my encouragement and cajoling. My husband and I also love your products. I especially notice a difference in my joints when I take the SeaCuMAX; my body definitely seems to be able to utilize the sea cucumber better than the bovine or shark chondroitin."
New Oxford, PA

"I had a bit of a problem getting the horses to eat the EquuSea but once my old quarter horse gelding developed a taste for it, he did really well on the product. I had tried him on Cosequin, GLC 5500 and Glycoflex II without much improvement, but after 45 days on the EquuSea he was about 99% sound after being gimpy for the past 4 years due to degenerative joint disease involving the coffin joint of his left front foot. I took him with me on vacation to Pebble Beach and rode him on the trail every day, up and down hills and through heavy sand with no bute!"
Dr.  Jones, DVM
Woodland, CA


Testimonials for Human Products

"My chiropractor suggested I start using ArthriSea. I had a knee replacement 4 years ago and still cannot bend the knee much and have pain. My left knee has started to give out due to arthritis and other problems. My neck is bad because of disc problems and my back and hand have arthritis. I started taking the supplement a week ago, 4 times a day and have noticed a remarkable improvement. I can walk with little or no discomfort and stand for longer periods of time. My Chiropractor is very pleased that it happened in such a short period of time."
Williamson, NY


"I have been using ArthriSea since July 2005. I was in pain for many months, using all kinds of pill of different brands, until a member of my family recommended the ArthriSea. I couldn’t walk, stand or exercise, because the pain was so unbearable. But now, after 6 months I am like a new person. I now walk, exercise and even dance. I just turned 80 years. I bless you, everyday and I call ArthriSea a miracle pill."


"My husband has been using ArthriSea for a few months now and can’t believe the difference in his hands. He has been on arthritis medicine for years and still had a lot of pain. Since starting ArthriSea he has more movement and almost no pain. I will be starting on the ArthriSea myself with this order, for my joint pain. We would like to thank you for the product."
Unsolicited customer


"My dog’s chiropractor put her on SeaCuMAX, I started taking it too. I have had awful chronic knee problems, we run agility and after a run, I would be in a lot of pain. I started taking the SeaCuMAX (2) capsules per day for 30 days. Now I just take (1) in the morning. No more pain in my knee, I can run an agility course with the best of them…thanks for making our lives faster and free of pain."
Millie & her dog


"I first used ArthriSea in 2000 when my black lab was recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery. The surgery was successful but he continued to limp for weeks. After about a week on ArthriSea and Sea Jerky he was walking like he had never been injured. I have used ArthriSea for my patients with cartilage problems ever since"
Dr. Maryott
Rocky Hill Chiropractic Center


"I’ve finally taken the time to sit down and write to tell you how much your product ArthriSea has helped me. I started taking ArthriSea in January, 2003 and have been taking the four pills a day ever since. I still have some discomfort from osteoarthritis but the pain I was experiencing in both knees at night disappeared almost immediately. I attribute this solely to your product. Thank you very much for your products. I know I will continue to be a customer."
Wyalusing, PA


"I have broken cartilage in my left knee, specifically the cartilage that is on the lower leg bone. In addition to this the bottom cartilage is partially separated from the bone. While from time to time the pain was bad and I would get cortisone shots for it, I lived with it. Then I started having severe pain and during the night my leg would bend all the way back and it would be locked in place. It got to the point I could not even sleep. I broke down and scheduled knee replacement surgery. While I was waiting for my appointment I purchased your product and after three days I was able to sleep through the night with moderate pain and within a week had no discomfort. I cancelled my appointment for surgery and used your product. I have no idea why your product works, and I do not care why. It is simply the best thing I have ever tried."
Deer Isle, ME


Dear Coastside Bio Resources,

I was recently [2014] introduced to ArthriSea Joint Health Sea Chondroitin capsules from a customer of mine. My entire background has been a very active person who played football for 22 years, including semi-pro, baseball, wrestling, coaching and of course serving my country as A United States Marine/Infantry. I am bone on bone on my left knee now with no cartilage and actual bone rubbing with my only option to get a knee replacement. I love to dance and actually was in competition at an earlier age. Oh, I'm 55 now!I started taking the ArthriSea capsules a little over a month ago along with fish oil and NO KIDDING....I felt relief in less than a week. My left knee actually has stopped making a squeaky friction noise and I haven't been popping Motrin like I used to. Not only has it relived the pain and actual swelling in my knee(s), but I've noticed I no longer wake up with a stiff and pain in my back where I have actual arthritis in my L4 L5 vertebrae.! I've also had a more livelier mood during the day and I believe it's from the all natural nutrients used in NutriSea products. I'm waiting to start my bichon frise dog with hip arthritis on the Sea Jerky for animals. Is this not awesome.??
Retired-FedEX driver